Investicinė bankininkystė „iš vidaus“

Tomas S.

Bostonreview straipsnis iš investicinio banko darbuotojo gyvenimo. Labiausiai įstringanti citata: „Our clients were non-financial corporations, the Deltas and Verizons of the world, which relied on us for advice and education. Our directive was “to help companies decrease and manage their risks.” Often we did just that. And often we advised clients to execute trades solely because they presented opportunities for us to profit. In either case, whenever possible we used our superior knowledge to manipulate the pricing of the trade in our favor.“

Kas nori daugiau, pasiskaitykite visą straipsnį 🙂

P.S. jeigu norite daugiau pasiskaityti apie investicinių bankų „vidaus“ gyvenimą, patariu paskaityti – Liar’s Poker. Tikrai neblogas skaitinys pradedantiesiems.

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